Editorial and information design
Making difficult information understandable by handling several hierarchical levels, is what brought me to this magnificent profession and became one of my main professional focus.

Branding and corporate identity
Graphic design is communication made visually. Constructing a visual language and shaping a unique identity while aiming formal and conceptual coherence is a key role of design.

Layout and website design
Efficient communication systems are the result of well planed systematization of a visual language and visual codes using a much more analytic approach.

Graphic design and illustration
Having worked for over more than six years for studios, advertising agencies and other professionals in diverse design-related projects I was able to get a broad expertise.

Lettering and type
My fascination for letter shapes lead me to study a Masters in Typography. I designed Stimme and had the chance to create an alphabet to be used at the Sagrada Familia's faced.

Advertising, campaigns and events
I am very familiar with the commercial fast paced part of our sector that requires a global, 360º thinking. That is a wide view I also needed when developing diverse event communication.

Typographic advisory
Having designed my own typeface at a Masters in Barcelona provided me with the required specialized knowledge to advise global and local brands and companies at Bauertypes.

Post writing
I develop blog content at bauertypes.com talking about Neufville Digital's font catalogue, sharing typographic advices and hints and talking about other type-related topics and news.
I am a complete team player and love to be surrounded by people. Teamwork is a mutual source of knowledge and inspiration and I have experienced that a second and third point of view leads to open your mind, see further and thus to better results.

I know to be a constructive part of a fix team since I have worked as an employee for studios and agencies and I know its challenging daily craziness from inside. As a 2.0 freelance designer, I am part of the collaborative mindset having developed projects for and with photographers, web developers, event managers and other designers and professionals.

I am always glad to hear about new projects.
Hey! Let's get in touch! I will be pleased!