THE TYPEFACE: Stimme ("voice") is a text typeface designed under the master in Advanced Typography of Eina (under the supervision of Íñigo Jerez, Laura Meseguer and José Manuel Urós) to be used in a magazine about social and political developments in Swiss politics. Therefore, it shows good legibility and reflects the expressive values ​​relevant to the publication.

MAGAZINE / BRIEFING: Switzerland's exceptional political situation as a (semi) direct democracy in which the people are the sovereign, requires a lot of involvement from the electorate that can be overwhelming. The journal aims to facilitate the understanding of the complexity of current social or political themes on which the voter finally decides in elections and votes. It seeks to eliminate the apparent distance between the personal and political reality of citizens and thus reaches people who are normally not interested in politics. The journal has an explanatory mission, offering a neutral and pluralistic platform for a political debate that is easy to follow and easy to understand for all.
The aim is to train competent voters by
strengthening their involvement in the political debate and increasing citizens' participation through the ballot boxes and other democratic channels.

REQUIREMENTS: According to the profile of the magazine, the typeface should inspire simplicity and move away from traditional attributes associated with too high academic or intellectual language. The challenge was to find a sufficiently authoritarian voice that conveyed both, trust and seriousness, without being distant and at the same time showing a human and accessible character.

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