This alphabet was designed for the inscriptions in The Western Sacristy of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. It is inspired in the organic and flourish style Antoni Gaudí used to draw letter in his planes. These glyphs were, rather than letters, closer to drawings. An "amen" crossed by the monogram "JHS" (Jesus, Savior of men) that is placed at the pinnacle that ends in the dome was taken as a starting point. The character of these letters was transferred and applied later on the rest of the letters of the alphabet. The design of this crossed inscription had a special difficulty since it had to match properly to the surface of an elliptic hyperboloid.
The inscriptions of the pediments are the invocations of the Apocalypse in Catalan: Lloança (praise), Glòria (glory), Saviesa (wisdom), Honor (honor), Poder (power) and Força (force).

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