With the aim of designing a magazine from scratch for the recreational space Entrepinos (Valladolid) I got a blank page, or to be more precise, 56 blank pages full of possibilities.Thus we focus on the creation of a golf season magazine that goes beyond merely offering a summary of the most recent activity of celebrated tournaments. Not only the layout, but the whole magazine concept was created by merging both, golf leisure and its lifestyle. The initial corporate part extols the environment's beauty and focus its commercial info at a graphical level. The second part opens the contents to the golf world in general. Finally, the last part becomes a lifestyle section by transforming advertising in significant content of real interest for the reader.

EDITOR: Rebeca Sánchez MartínezART DIRECTION AND LAYOUT: Natalia Weber Antón
GRAPHIC EDITING AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Manuel Martín LópezAGENCY: YRG Comunicación y Emociones

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