Identidad Visual de CocoMood
Just Another Fashion Mag
Just Another Fashion Mag. Editorial design exercise. Master in Advanced Typography (Eina).
Sagrada Familia alphabet
Alphabet design for inscriptions (invocations of the Apocalypse) at the The Western Sacristy faced of Antoni Gaudi's Sagrada Familia
Futura ND Alternate promo pack
Brochure and wooden letters of the promotional pack for Futura ND Alternate typeface. Based on Paul Renner's first sketches.
Golf Entrepinos magazine
Golf magazine layout design and Art Direction for the recreational space Entrepinos (Valladolid)
Typeface design Stimme Regular and Stimme Display
AEDE, Spanish Association of Endodontics
Development of the corporate identity of the Spanish Association of Endondics. Stationary, Brand Book, Web Design.
Bauertypes Corporate Identity
Restyling of Bauertypes' corporate identity through a new, powerful chromatic range and a prominent usage of Futura.
León Plaza Christmas campaign
Fun christmas advertising campaign for the León Plaza Shopping Center based on carols of the Spanish pop culture.
Hawaiian Tropic
Advertising campaign developed as a school project for the sunscreen brand Hawaiian Tropic.
Agbar Water Museum souvenir collection
Souvenir pixel collection design proposal for Water Museum Agbar in Barcelona
La Mostra d'Igualada merchandising
Merchandising collection design for a children's and young people's theater fair of Catalonia
Skate Life Deck
Custom lettering for skateboard deck design imitating shoelaces
Cadires Batlló
Souvenir magnets design of Antonio Gaudís chair's. Children's collection sold at Casa Batlló, Barcelona.