Online course at Domestika about Corporate Typography provided by the Bauertypes Team.
Article published in the printed edition of the leading graphic design magazine in Spain, Gráffica, about typography and intellectual property and other legal aspects written in collaboration with Laura Asensio and Wolfgang Hartmann.
trade fairs
In 2016 I was lucky to travel to Frankfurt and to assist one of biggest exhibition fairs in the world for home and gift wares. There I was in charge of communications on behalf of The Original Cha Chá while being part of their team in those days.
In 2014 I got the chance to create an alphabet for the Sagrada Familia’s faced during a summer scholarship at Enric Jardí’s Studio that specialises in editorial design.
Thanks to a scholarship for my academic merits at the Masters in Typography, in 2014 I had the chance to assist to the ATypI, an annual conference of the International Association of Typographers that in that year was held in Barcelona.
At the master in Advanced Typography at Eina I designed my own typeface, Stimme, with two styles meant to be the voice of a politics-explaining magazine for Switzerland. During the process, we were supervised by big referents like Íñigo Jeréz, Laura Meseguer and Josema Urós.

I remember with affection my beginnings as a graphic designer in Valladolid (Castilla y León). When finishing my studies in 2010, one of my last projects (made in collaboration with Gemma Cachorro Gómez) was nominated for the advertising awards of Castilla y León in the newcomer category. I started my career as a graphic designer in 2011 in the award-winning agency YRG Comunicación&Emociones where I was tremendously lucky of being part of an awesome team. Together we created designs and campaigns that were nominated and partly awarded at the mentioned advertising awards INSPIRA of Castilla y León.